Adam and Justin’s Egyptian Adventure

Let The Adventure Begin!

 Gran, Author and Nephews Begin The Trip

Author Fiona Ingram With Her Nephews
and The Cruise Boat

Adam and Justin In The Museum Courtyard Memphis

Adam At The Museum In Memphis

Author With Her Nephews At Memphis

Memphis Adam (L) and Justin (R) Next To A Stela

Memphis Gran and The Boys Next To Statue Of Rameses 1

My Nephews About To Ride A Camel At The Great Pyramid

Giza Adam On Giant Rocks Near The Great Pyramid

About To Board The Cruise Boat Down The Nile

Nile Adam and Justin With Tour Guides

Nile Author Fiona Ingram With Her Nephews

Nile Justin Dancing With The Belly Dancer

Adam and His Sketchbook At Temple Of Philae

Adam Copying Hieroglyphics At Temple Of Philae

Adam Sketching At Philae

Cousins Copying Hieroglyphics At Philae

Justin Next To Hieroglyphic Carvings At Philae

Adam and Justin At Entrance To Temple Of Horus Edfu

Adam At Walkway To Temple Of Edfu

Justin and Giant Statue Of Horus At Edfu

Adam and Justin At Statue Temple Of Hatshepsut

Justin and Adam At Temple Of Hatshepsut

Egyptian Papyrus

Media Press Clippings

Book Reading With Author Fiona Ingram
At A literacy Centre!

Press Clipping One

Press Clipping Two

Press Clipping Three

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