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Live The Adventure In The Search For The Seven Stones of Power.

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Adam Sinclair

Adam was just an ordinary 12-year-old boy with no special powers or anything to make him different from his cousin Justin. Until he went to Egypt and was appointed the bearer of the sacred scarab and told he was part of a quest to discover the seven ancient Stones of Power. Now, his senses are sharpened and he has dreams and visions that guide him and his cousin Justin on their subsequent adventures. Adam initially longed for an adventure … now he’s not so sure he wants all this excitement because it seems as if danger dogs his footsteps.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Books 1-7

Justin Sinclair

Justin is bigger and better at a lot of things than his younger cousin Adam. Because things come so easily to Justin, he doesn’t understand when other people struggle to achieve. He can be antagonistic when things aren’t going his way, and expects Adam to always follow him. On the plus side, he is quick to find practical solutions to problems and will apologise when he is in the wrong (after a while…). Justin loves food and whereas Adam will lose his appetite in times of stress, Justin will eat to ‘keep his strength up.’

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Books 1-7

Dr. Faisal Khalid

Everyone loves to hate a baddie and the most wonderfully menacing character is the evil Dr. Khalid, head of the Egyptian Museum. He is highly intelligent, odiously charming, and completely ruthless. Pivotal to the plot, Dr. Khalid is smooth, suave, compellingly hypnotic; he is the boys’ Nemesis, with eyes, ears, and loutish henchmen all over the place. He pursues the cousins from the time they set foot in Egypt in search of the Seven Stones of Power. He is not the arch-villain, however; he works for someone far more powerful and sinister.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Books 1-7

Isabel Sinclair

She is not afraid to dig for the truth and expose it; politics and social issues rank high in her interests. Isabel treats her nephews like young adults and expects the best from them. It takes her a while to accept that the quest and the Seven Stones of Power exist, but once she does, she is supportive of the boys’ role in finding the remaining stones. Isabel is also instrumental in keeping the boys’ cover story intact each time they go on another leg of the quest. Secretly, Adam and Justin hope she never has her own kids because they consider themselves the sons she never had. Adam is especially close to his aunt.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Books 1-7


Gran is the kind of grandmother everyone would love to have. Feisty and young at heart, she is a glamorous granny, and loves hair-dos, nail polish, fashion, shopping, and loads of jewellery. Why wear one or two rings when you can pile them on all ten fingers? Gran is practical, never worries about things, and believes firmly in the kindness of strangers to get her out of any pickle. Gran is very perceptive and sees people pretty soon for what they are. She is extremely brave and sees things through to the end. Nothing surprises her and the idea of the quest is one she takes in her stride.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Books 1-7

James Kinnaird

Archaeologist James Kinnaird is the only son (and child) of the Scottish Earl of Strathairn and is not really interested in swanking around being an earl’s son, living the high life, doing a bit of fishing and hunting on the side. Tall, handsome, late thirties, with dark hair and blue eyes, James was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but all he wants is to fulfil his dreams of uncovering and preserving history’s mysteries. He makes a point of searching for things considered mere legend. This has become his trademark, in a way.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Books 1-7

Ebrahim Faza

For every baddie, there is a good person. Dr. Khalid’s direct opposite is the benevolent Ebrahim Faza, a respected Egyptologist and Dr. Khalid’s mortal enemy. They have a history together that unravels as the book progresses. A now retired Egyptologist, Ebrahim is the former head of the Egyptian Museum. Together with his close friend, Hamid, he is one of the last living descendants of the original Guardians of the Tomb of the Scarab King. He is also one of the few people who are aware of the deep and mysterious past behind the sacred scarab. It is more than just an ancient artifact.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Books 1-7


Tall, thin, dark complexioned and always dressed in exotic red flowing robes, Hamid is a very mysterious figure that seems to know more than the other characters. One suspects he has a deeper connection to the entire history of the Stones of Power. In later books, he seems to know things already that Adam has just found out. He is almost a shadowy character and Adam believes there is more to him than meets the eye…

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Books 1-7

Humphrey Biddle

Humphrey owns an old book shop in Oxford. He looks just like a rumpled old hobbit. He is a palaeographer, his speciality being old manuscripts and ancient writings. A long-time friend of Ebrahim Faza, Humphrey saved Ebrahim’s life in Cairo years ago. Humphrey knows a lot about the quest and the Seven Stones of Power. Some of this information he cannot even tell Adam, even though he would like to do so. He is best friends with Archibald Curran.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Book 2

Archibald Curran

Archie is an expert of 5th and 6th century Britain, his speciality being the Dark Ages. He is very annoyed that when he retired from the Ashmolean Museum, his rival Florian Boldwood took over. Archie loves being the center of attention and hates it when anyone else hogs the limelight. One of Archie’s unfortunate traits is to blab things he should keep secret … and this turns out badly for Adam. However, he is loyal and will do anything to help a friend, even when he is petrified. Archie adores yummy food like cake and treats.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Book 2

Eaters Of Poison

Malevolent, dangerous, and capable of killing merely by scratching someone’s skin, the Eaters of Poison belong to the Ancient Association of Alchemists. They are looking for the long-lost Book of Arthepius, a manuscript that holds the secret to longevity. Their quest clashes with that of the kids and Dr. Khalid. Just the sounds of their voices and the smell of their robes is enough to turn anyone’s stomach. However, they keep their promise to Adam and help his scientist friend Dr. Mercury Jones perfect his universal antidote. They also give Adam a very useful gift.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Book 2

Ink Blott

Ink (real name Benjamin) is Humphrey’s adopted son. Ink knows very little about his real father and nothing about his real mother. He is studying the classics at university in Oxford and will more than likely follow in Humphrey’s footsteps. Ink becomes like a big brother to the kids as they embark upon their quest. Ink faces down the Eaters of Poison and even though he’s scared, he will never let anyone see it. Ink finds out some very important details about his real father and Dr. Khalid.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Book 2

Kim Maleka

Adam and Justin are aghast to find that on the eve of their second adventure, they’ve been saddled with an African girl called Kim Maleka. Kim, who is Adam’s age, is Aunt Isabel’s foster child. Although she enters the adventure feeling slightly at a disadvantage and with school problems hanging over her head, Kim ends up having extremely good ideas and has a practical side that comes in very handy. She develops great confidence and, in the end, the boys consider her an integral part of the team.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Book 2-7


Kotz is the tribal elder and leader of the Jaguar people, the uncontacted tribe that rescues Adam, Justin and Kim when their plane crash lands in the Mexican jungle. Kotz is aware of the outside world and does all he can to shield his people from the dangers of contact with modern society. He is wise, and tries to help the kids find the Third Stone of Power. Kotz is also a shaman of the tribe, and one of the ‘ah k’in’ or day keepers, the keepers of the history of the Mayan people. He can also interpret dreams and omens.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Book 3


Tukum is Kotz’s grandson. He is proud boy, and comes across as arrogant. He is skilled in tracking and hunting. He and Justin get off to a bad start and clash several times. Tukum is absolutely vital to the kids’ survival and he helps them in many ways. He has a quaint way of looking at things. Tukum loves to learn new words and ultimately wants to learn to read English.

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Book 3


Also known as Smoking Mirror, Tezcatlipoca has dreams of re-establishing the old Aztec Empire, and is prepared to go to any lengths to achieve this. He proves to be a formidable adversary to both Adam and Dr. Khalid. Adam in particular is in grave danger from this man. Tezcatlipoca is not interested in getting the Third Stone of Power for himself; but he is interested in anything that will cement his hold on superstitious people who believe him to be a god, even if it means a human sacrifice!

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Book 3


Juan owns the plane that Dr. Khalid sabotages to delay the kids getting to the Third Stone of Power. He is loyal and brave, and wants to help Isabel save the kids and James. His moment comes when he is absolutely vital to the rescue. He can’t believe his luck!

Appears In: Chronicles of the Stone Book 3